I was pretty stoked when I was invited to attend the much anticipated TEDx event at Ateneo de Manila University which was held just recently. It’s a TED event! Who doesn’t wanna be there?


For the benefit of those who don’t know exactly what TED is or doesn’t know the difference between TED and TEDx, the brief video below explains it perfectly:

It was an awesome event. A jam-packed Leong Hall with tons of powerful and inspirational talks laced with good amounts of humor and laughter made TEDxKatips a huuuuuge success.

Talks were given by notable personalities aimed to fire up and inspire the audience. The overall theme that afternoon was “REVOLUTION”, remaining true to the name of the avenue on which this event was held – “Katipunan”, the name of the group of Filipino revolutionaries back in the late 1800s who gave up their lives fighting for our nation’s freedom and independence.

Leong Hall, Ateneo de Manila University

Old and new friends alike flocked to the venue expecting no less than to be inspired, empowered and on-fire. True enough, on-fire they were not even five minutes through the first talk. Amazing.

The speakers for this TEDx event were the following:

Dylan WilkDylan Wilk
CEO, Founder – Human Heart Nature

Arriane SeraficoArriane Serafico
Blogger – wanderrgirl.com

John ChuaJohn Chua
Founder – Photography with a Difference

Anna OposaAnna Oposa
Founder – Save Philippines Seas

Pie AlvarezPie Alvarez
Mayor – San Vicente, Palawan

Maria RessaMaria Ressa
CEO and Executive Editor – Rappler.com

The talks were absolutely amazing… passionate people sharing their experiences, struggles and victories – imparting knowledge, common sense and wonderful stories.

I was actually able to steal a few pics before, during (intermissions) and after the talks. Chatted a bit with some of the speakers who are friends of mine such as Mayor Pie Alvarez and Maria Ressa. Pie happens to be the mayor of San Vicente, Palawan… the very province where Survivor Philippines (Season 4) was filmed.

My ID! Yay!My TEDxKatipunanAve ID!

With Maria RessaWith Maria Ressa

Sitting on stageSitting on stage!

Congratulations to Francis Tan and the rest of the TEDxKatipunanAve organizers for doing an amazing job meeting and exceeding everyone’s expectations. Looking forward to more TEDx events in the near future.

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