Tattooed At The Beach

Heading to Boracay in a few hours… It’s been 5 months since I’ve spent 5 straight weeks by the ocean (as a castaway) for Survivor Philippines.

I’ll be staying at the beach for roughly 3 days only but it’ll be a jampacked itinerary. Looking forward to it…

Globe Tattoo is taking me to the island to attend (and witness) the launch of their new product. You can be sure I’ll be blogging about it in the coming days, so watch out for it!

Luckily, my wife and I have 3 ZestAir gift certificates which we’ve accumulatedly won the past 2 Christmases already and have been saving for quite a while now. We realized that this is the perfect opportunity to use these tickets.

They’ll obviously be flying in separately since I’m heading to Boracay with the Tattoo entourage but I’ll have tons of free time with family when we meet up at the beach. Globe was gracious enough to get a room at “The Palms” that would comfortably fit me and my family. Thank you, Coy (Caballes) and the rest of the Globe Tattoo peeps!

Yipee! Work and pleasure. Pretty awesome 3 days ahead, me thinks.

Let’s see what’s in store. Will keep you guys posted so stay tuned! Follow me on Twitter to stay updated on the latest Globe happenings in Boracay and what new Tattoo product they’ll be launching very soon.

Tweets, sounds and images soon!

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