LiveTattoo in Boracay (Day 1)

Free HIGH SPEED WI-FI at the #LiveTattoo Lounge at Epic Boracay!

Hello Boracay! It’s work and pleasure here as Globe launches a major portal for postpaid and prepaid Tattoo subscribers… if you happen to be a Tattoo user, brace yourselves for exciting times ahead. If you ain’t on the Tattoo bandwagon yet… watcha waiting for??

The LiveTattoo Lounge at Epic Bar (Station 2, Boracay)

Globe set-up an awesome #LiveTattoo Lounge here at Epic Bar, Station 2 of Boracay. People are enjoying blazing fast FREE WI-FI and drinks! If you happen to be within the area, drop by and have fun with us!

With Coy Caballes (of Globe) and fellow bloggers! Where are our lady bloggers??? :)

It’s great to be amongst really cool people – fellow bloggers who are passionate and amazing in their respective fields and industries. What better way to celebrate the launch!

You’re probably curious as to what exactly #LiveTattoo is. It hasn’t officially launched yet (launch happens in a few more hours) but I’ll let you in on some #LiveTattoo goodness: Can you imagine yourself being able to surf and visit your favorite websites with NO credit/load stored in your Tattoo account?

Well, now YOU CAN…

…with #LiveTattoo!


More updates very soon. Hang tight!

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