Rawr! :)

Last Monday, I was able to hone my paparazzi skills during lunch at “The Old Spaghetti House” in Robinson’s Galleria. A couple arrived and took a table not even an arm’s length from us.

Before they even sat down, it was obvious they were already overpowered by their raging libidos. Rawr! Seriously!

Hugging-squeezing-kissing-rubbing-groping and all the other nasty things you do when you couldn’t contain the urge any longer. Rawr again! Haha!

A picture is worth a thousand words… So I decided to stealthily take a couple of ’em. I decided to pixelate their faces in order to protect their identities (even if they obviously didn’t care about it themselves).

Too bad I wasn’t quick enough to capture their steamier moments… but as you can see, these images are more than enough to stir your imagination.

Enjoy, boys & girls. ;)

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