11 Years

Our wedding rings...
I remember our wedding day as if it was just yesterday. All the feelings and emotion I felt during that day are so vivid to me until now. That was back in 2001. March 24th, 11AM to be exact.

The excitement, anxiety and stress not just ON that day but the series of days leading up to it was one for the books.

Admit it, married gentlemen. You all know that weddings aren’t just little white doves and soft confetti showers.

But I tell ya, guys and girls. It is all worth it. ALL OF IT. The good and the bad. When you find the right woman/man (I’m talking to all the bachelors and single ladies), never let go. Married life is an awesome experience. It never gets old, contrary to what others say. You just have to keep at it… Marriage is a non-stop work in progress.

It is a life not to be dreaded. Embrace it and nurture it. Like wine, it gets better as it ages… Pardon the cliche.

From L-R: Ralph, Yen, me & Ella
So I say this to my wife:
Honey, I may have made awful decisions in my life… But as I look back time and again, I realize that these choices are not to be regretted. Because as terrible as it may have seemed back then, ultimately it has led me to you… and THAT is one awesomely GOOD thing. You and our kids are the ONLY things I will never exchange for anything in this world.

Wow. 11 wonderful years. And when I say “wonderful”, I refer even to the difficult times of our married life. And God knows there were some really difficult ones, right?

But that’s a good thing, too. For how can one appreciate the true beauty and goodness of life if one hasn’t equally endured the struggles and hardships of it.

Thank you, Yen. For your love. For your time. For the continuous effort you put into this marriage. For being the mother of my children.

I am blessed… and I regret NOTHING.

Here’s to a lifetime of blissful ups and downs.

Happy 11th Anniversary, honey.

I love you.

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