I’ve been having serious problems with my Smart WiMax connection recently.  Imagine having to deal with a modem that takes more than an hour to connect and, when it does, delivers an insanely slow crawling speed of 0.05-0.3kbps (using speedtest.net and the Smart server).

My mobile phone’s connection (even on EDGE) is pathetically faster than my current 2Mbps WiMax subscription.

3 weeks of seeking customer care’s assistance seemed to fall on deaf ears.  You’d think someone on the other end of their “@SmartCares” twitter account would actually be monitoring customers’ rants and inquiries.  I was sorely mistaken.

Oh well…

Anyways, finally… one of Smart’s Tech Support personnel gave me a call and asked me to do a speed test.  Sure enough it was as bad (if not worse) as the first time I complained about it.  I told the tech guy that I was getting really terrible speed results.

His response was what surprised me.

I understood it when he told me that 2Mbps refers to “burst speed”.  But he continued to say that a constant speed of roughly 384kbps is good enough for a 2Mbps subscription.

WTF was that?!!!  384kbps?!  Since when was 384kbps good enough for a 2Mbps line?  Or even for a 1Mbps connection for that matter?!  Did he actually think I’d swallow his BS – hook, line and sinker?!  I wasn’t born yesterday, sir.  Very disappointing to hear something like that from someone who belongs to Smart’s technical department.

Don’t get me wrong.  I have a lot of friends who work for Smart.  They’re very accommodating and friendly.  They’ve assisted me more than once during those times I’ve needed help.  But I cannot always bug them whenever something is amiss with my connection.  Hence my decision to go the normal route and make these agents earn their keep.

Unfortunately, 3 weeks of no feedback (or even a simple acknowledgement) and a pretty unacceptable rationale from someone in tech support who didn’t know what he was apparently talking about undoubtedly merits my ire.

Dear Smart, please make sure your people know what they’re talking about.  I say this out of concern… the lot of you are good friends and I’d hate for your company to be bashed all the more in the future by others simply because customer service and technical personnel cannot give out competent responses which your customers deserve.

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