Finally Smarting Up…

Smart has finally resolved the WiMax connection problem I’ve had which has lasted for 4 weeks.  Thank God!  This has been loooong overdue.

After 3 weeks of complaining which fell on deaf ears, technical personnel have responded.  It took a WiMax modem replacement and 3 days of repairing the base station tower near our area.

They’ve remedied my connection which had pathetic speedtest results such as this…

…to way better results for a 2Mbps connection such as this…

Thank you, Smart, for fixing my connection BUT it doesn’t erase the fact that it still took a grueling entire month for you to give my concern the proper attention it deserved.

Ironically, Smart has sent me (via email and snail mail) my current billing.  Given that my WiMax connection has been practically non-existent the past month, I refuse to settle it and, in fact, am requesting that this current billing be wiped off entirely.

Smart has been advised and their people are on it already according to them.  I certainly hope so.  I’ve had enough headaches already.

Let’s hope my succeeding experiences with them will be pleasant from now on.

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