Back… (For Real!). No, Really! :)

Ok… So I haven’t blogged in a while.

Those who have followed my blog would have probably noticed.  Much has to do with work (my day job, that is… but we’ll get to that later)… and also thanks to Twitter!

Twitter has pretty much preoccupied the little gaps and openings in-between the usual humdrums of my life.  Can you blame me?  As the lot of you, I myself was consumed by the ever-addicting, all-engrossing activity that is – TWITTER.

But, I have put my foot down and decided to return to blogging.

And Showbiz.  Surprise!  Surprise!

I have finally quit my day job.  I have decided to return to my first love… acting!  Considering how much of my childhood and teenage years were spent in the entertainment industry, I guess it’s just but fitting that I return to it after a good 15 years (Boy, has it been THAT long?!).

So, let’s see… what changes have happened since my last blog post?  A whole lot.

I’ve quit my day job (as earlier mentioned), I’ve lost an astonishing 40 pounds and 6” inches from my waistline in 3 months (I’m down to 145 lbs. / 30” waistline) through weight training and a strict diet, and I’ve plotted out concrete steps towards a serious showbiz comeback.  I also currently co-host a wonderful radio program called, “Hashtag”, which delves on everything about the internet, social media and technology in the Philippines.

Exciting days ahead, indeed.

And I’ll be blogging all about it starting today.  Of course, there’ll be days in which my blog entries will be less sensible and bordering on nonsense… but what the hell! :)

If you prefer the blow-by-blow events and the rants and raves I usually do on a daily basis, then by all means follow me on Twitter!  Look me up.  My Twitter handle is @chuckdreyfus.

I’d like to believe that I’m friendly… Haha!  I guess I am… :)  I try to respond to each and every tweet I receive.  I genuinely enjoy engaging in all sorts of conversations and good banter.  So throw me a line, will ya!  I don’t bite… (unless you want me too!) LOL! :P


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