Of Tumbang Preso and PSPs… (A SentiSabado Reflection)

My friend (@lorenzocosio) and I were discussing recently (on my blog) about #SentiSabado’s impact…

He commented on my blog entry:  “SentiSabado encourages people (especially kids) to go and make new memories, today!”

Make new memories…

That phrase stuck in my mind… Why do kids nowadays have to be encouraged to go and make new memories today?

MemoriesEncourage them?  Isn’t that supposed to come naturally?  Aren’t memories formed by every action we take and every interaction we engage in?

It is in pondering this that I ultimately realized the reason why we, the so called “Gen X/Y” babies, have so much memories and nostalgia compared to those who were born in the 90s.  We actually had more interaction with the world… the people around us… the things we did… the places we’ve been to… the experiences we’ve gone through…

Not because we are (obviously) older than them.  No.

PSP The main culprit (in my honest opinion): computers, game consoles, internet, cable TV, etc.

Kids nowadays are holed up in their own imaginary world playing PSPs, iPhones, Farmville, and all those other time-consuming-and-attention-grabbing devices.

Heck! I see a good number of kids and teens playing with PSPs at the mall even while walking!

Aratilis Whatever happened to engaging conversations or laughing at simple jokes… or the friendly banter every now and then… or even simply looking at your surroundings while walking?  Does it ever exist anymore… with the younger ones for that matter?

Tumbang Preso Back then, our idea of recreation and fun was climbing a tree, hanging out in the park with friends, playing “tumbang preso” till it became too dark to play outside.   Even our toys back in the day would encourage us to interact with others (Can you imagine playing tex by yourself? Or play “touchball” without a friend”?).  Going to the mall was an exciting experience for us every single time… just to walk around and see the new places… we’d take everything in and love every minute of it.

TexThe only time we’d be caught inside the house was either due to homework… or because it was time for our weekly dose of Saturday morning cartoons.

What will these new generation of kids look back at when they grow older?  What kind of memories will they have?  If they had their own form of #SentiSabado, what sort of nostalgia will they reminisce on?

Moments such as “hanging out from dusk till dawn playing counterstrike in the internet cafe”, maybe? Or “how Farmville changed Facebook gaming”? Or perhaps, “watching all sorts of trailers on YouTube” and “reaching the high score of “Need for Speed” on the PSP while ascending the escalator”…?

Farmville Don’t get me wrong… PSPs, cable TV, the internet are all cool!  They’re great!

But anything in excess is unhealthy.

So, going back to my first question… “Encouragement?”

Of course.  No doubt!

If for no other reason, let #SentiSabado be the means to help encourage kids… to limit video games… to lessen cable TV watching… to set restrictions on certain activities…

…to get out more… to interact physically… to engage… to feel the breeze, smell the air… to live… love… laugh… to make mistakes… and learn from them…

…to make memories.

Lots of them.


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