Choosing Not To Survive

The past few days, GMA-7 has been slowly revealing the contestants for the upcoming celebrity edition of “Survivor Philippines”.  All I can say is, “Thank God I chose NOT to take the offer”.

You see, a few months ago I was rung up by one of GMA-7’s execs asking me if I would be interested to join the upcoming 3rd season of Survivor Philippines.  They further elaborated that for this celebrity edition they’ve been planning to put me in if I was “game”.  They told me to come over to their office to discuss the deal in detail.

Survivor PhilippinesAfter the call, I pondered upon the prospect of being away for countless days in an isolated island away from the Philippines.  Then I imagined myself stranded in a deserted place, amongst individuals who will do anything to win a coveted prize and title.

And though, the prize is tempting enough for anyone to blindly pursue… the thought of being away from my family for a month with no communication at all was too heavy a trade for me.

I turned down the offer.

Some may say I made a stupid choice… others may think I had cowardly forgone an opportunity that many could only dream of.  Possibly.  But still… no dice.

If I probably was still single with no kids to look after… maybe I’d reconsider.  But that’s a big maybe.

I’d still have to wrestle with the idea of us contestants being a spectacle to millions of people akin to a goldfish inside an aquarium.  Not to mention the possibility of compromising my morals and character to “survive” if need be.  Do I really want to subject myself to such circumstances?

Nuh-uh! No thanks.

I’d rather be on the other side of the television set, if you know what I mean.  :)

Nevertheless, I wish all the castaways the very best.

Besides… aren’t we all participating in our very own “Survivor”?  Vying for a reward much much more valuable than millions of dollars?

The mechanics are simple:   Love God.  Love your neighbor.  Serve the needy.  Spread the Good News.

The prize?

“Eternal life”.

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