Oh My, Igad! (aka You Da Man, Jepoy!)

I’d just like to thank a good “net buddy” of mine without whom this blog wouldn’t even be in existence.

Jepoy Bengero, thank you very much for your generosity and kindness.  What can I say… in a blink of an eye he made it happen.

In case you guys are interested in getting a web hosting plan or having a domain registered, look no further.  Jepoy’s the man!  Check out “igad Interactive Solutions” located at http://www.igad.ph!  Lots of cool and affordable hosting plans that I’m sure will meet any of your needs.

While you’re at it… why not follow him on Twitter as well.  His Twitter user name is @jepoyeng.

Ey, Jepoy!  Who da man?  YOU da man!  :)

Thanks, bud!  God bless you always!