Have you started streaming content at home? We have… and it’s wonderful!

It’s really amazing how the internet has revolutionized our way of life in every way possible, wouldn’t you agree?

Apart from the ways our connected world has changed the way we work, play, learn and socialize, it has even incredibly altered our viewing habits.

I remember back when I was a kid, we only had 5 television channels (2, 4, 7, 9 and 13). 24-hour programming, let alone cable television were remotely even figments of one’s imagination. Apart from that, cartoon programs were only shown every 4PM in the afternoon and during Saturday mornings. Bummer, right?

Today, not only has 24-hour cable programming become common even to the regular joe, it is actually slowly losing its market all thanks to the way high-speed broadband internet connections have changed the way we consume entertainment content.

Globe at Home - Streaming - Netflix - HOOQ - NBA League Pass - Spotify

In our household, our family hardly watches regular television programs on cable television anymore. We don’t find ourselves rushing home, trying to catch the start of a particular show anymore. That’s because everyone in our house has gone the way of STREAMING content — all thanks to our recently installed Globe at Home high-speed broadband internet connection.

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